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Christian Formation / Formación Cristiana (Doctrina)

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El registro de formación cristiana (doctrina) ha terminado.



CONFIRMATION / confirmación

Teenager who have reached 16 years of age and are juniors in high school or those who have not received this sacrament are eligible for the Sacrament of Confirmation. The process includes the confirmation candidate, their parents, and their confirmation sponsor. Eligible teens will be notified by mail and invited to bring their parents to an orientation meeting. Class sessions begin September. The program includes attending a day-long retreat, community service projects and other activities to enrich the candidates understanding and appreciation of the Catholic faith. Confirmations is celebrated with the bishop at a multi-parish liturgy. Contact Gabriela Cabrera at the parish office.


With our cluster parishes St. Edward and St. Richard, our Coordinator of Youth Ministry provides vision and coordination for the parish efforts in ministry to young persons from 4th through 12th grades.

This includes high school and middle school gatherings monthly social activities, Catechesis and sacramental preparation confirmation. Contact Eloy Contreras through the parish offices. Please visit our website at by clickin HERE


ADULT FORMATION/RCIA  -   Formacion de adultos/ RICA

The Rite of Christan Intiation of Adults (RCIA) is a learning process designed to help interested persons explore the Catholic tradition. It is open to both unbaptized persons and those who were baptized into another faith tradition who wish to explore Catholic beliefs and practices. This formation process begins in September. Acceptance into the Roman Catholic faith and into the St. Patrick community. For more information contact Gabriela Cabrera at 262-898-5653.