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Fr. Juan Manuel Spiritual Fitness Plan

Spiritual Fitness Plan to slim down and enter to the narrow gate

This past Sunday in the Gospel Jesus invited us to strive to enter to the narrow gate. At first glance the gospel may seemed doom and harsh on those who were close to Jesus. But if we take a closer look it is actually just a reminder of our deeper commitment to keep growing on our spiritual journey. At the homily on Sunday I recommended to have a Spiritual Fitness Plan to get ready to enter through the narrow gat. Here is an example of it.

 Daily Spiritual Fitness Plan:

  • Warm-up (as any work out you need to warm up. Let’s warm up our hearts)

-Start your day by remembering that your life is in God’s hands.

-Be grateful for the blessing of a new day.

-Think about:  what does it mean for you during this particular day?

  • The Routine for the day

-Be attentive for opportunities to put love into practice throughout the day. It may be to spend some more time with a person who needs you. Maybe give a call to someone or make a generous act of love.

 -See how inclusive you are of others who might end up sitting next to you in the heavenly banquet. Remember to include rather than exclude.

  • Water Break (Of course in any routine you need to take a short break)

Take time during the day to listen to what God has to say to you.

Spend few minutes in silence listening to God’s voice in the midst of your busy days and schedules. Listen. What is God telling you? Silence your minds and heart to be able to listen.

  • The Routine for the day (Go back to the routine of day doing acts of love)
  • Cool down and Stretch

Wind down your day highlighting the good things that happened to you during the day. Be positive about the events of your day. Finally, say a prayer of gratitude to God for that.

 Then, to follow a good fitness plan we need to take measurements of our improvement. In the spiritual fitness plan, we have to be also accountable.   

 Maybe on Friday or Saturday, check on your spiritual progress. Call a friend or someone close to you and share your spiritual progress throughout the week.



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